5 Health Apps for the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m a huge fan of the holiday season. Spending time with your family and loved ones while gorging on some delicious food. We all know how difficult it is to watch what we eat and maintain our regimen of exercising (if we have one). Now, I’m not a stickler for everything that I eat, but I do like to moderate what and how much I do eat. I’m sure you’re familiar with the old adage, “too much of a good thing.” It certainly applies to food.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite apps that will help you manage your weight and food intake during this holiday season.

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Technology Helping Improve Your Health

Healthcare has been one of the largest industries as a laggard in adopting many of the technologies available to us as consumers. Reading posts and looking at pictures only helps so much for visual learners. Here are some examples of how you can use technology to improve your health.

Some include topics that were previously discussed such as CakeHealth and Fitocracy.

Tweeting Your Doctor? A Look into Social Media and Healthcare

Social media has become an integral part for many us in our daily lives. The ability to feel always connected with those around you and around the world is something that humanity has never experienced before. Facebook is a great way to connect to those you already know. With Twitter, the traditional walls between celebrities and fans have been torn down. These, of course, are only two of the major social networks.

What if, with these new technologies, we can communicate with our doctors like never before as well? According to a recent study by UBM Medica shows that many physicians are already connecting with their peers in order to share and discuss best practices. Approximately 72% of physicians are engaging in social media (personally and/or professionally). The most popular platform, unsurprisingly, was Facebook with over 86% of the physicians who use social media. The next two platforms were Medscape and Sermo which are geared towards healthcare strictly which allow them to share best practices among other information.

Social Media Infographic

As more physicians continue to realize the many benefits of connecting with other professionals, it’s likely that we will also see them engage with their patients.

How would you feel with using social media to connect with your local physician? Are you comfortable enough to tweet your doctor?

Benchmarking Your Body with Mobile Apps

To most people, exercising is not something you enjoy. Many even loathe the thought of it. There is no denying that not eating correctly and not exercising can have negative ramifications on your body over the long term. Despite all of the health knowledge that we know today, we still find excuses to not take care of ourselves.

While I’ve never been a health fanatic, I grew up playing sports and my family set me on a good path to take care of myself by eating well. However, sometimes I lack the drive to “just do it.” (Thanks Nike) I have a tendency to need some goal, something to work towards. Whether that playing is a sport, or by improving the amount of weight I can lift, mobile apps have made this easier than ever before.

Here are a few applications that take a different approach to fitness.

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Medical Technology’s Helping Hand: Tools to Benefit Your Health

Who doesn’t like making their life easier? I know that I like to take advantage of anything that will help me do less work to achieve the same goal.


I’m sure many of you have already heard of the stellar service known as Mint. This simple, yet effective, site allows you to connect all of your monetary accounts such as a bank account or credit card to their website. I know, that sounds like Internet suicide by giving the login credentials of your financial accounts to some web service. Not to worry though, the connection is read-only so that no transactions can take place.

CakeHealth (mmm, cake…) works in a similar manner by providing a free and easy way to manage your health care plans. It brings all of them under one roof (at least metaphorically) so that you are able to easily manage and track your spending on health. If you would rather not share your account credentials, you are given the option to enter your expenses in manually or upload a PDF of your claim. The convenience of auto-updating is lost through the manual method, however.

I’m sure most of us can attest that quite frankly, medical billing sucks. The intention of CakeHealth is to help you better understand and organize the healthcare services you pay for. Benefits can range from catching medical over-billing to obtaining insights on filing your taxes correctly. It’s a piece of cake! (You know it was inevitable.)

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3 Key Technologies in Healthcare

Despite the continued advances in technology, healthcare has been an industry that has lagged behind in adopting many of these. Why has an industry, which plays a pivotal role in everyone’s lives, been so seemingly apathetic to embracing technology? As most problems, it stems from a mixture of a lack of funding and the unwanted change. Recently, the healthcare industry has seen a surge due to factors such as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The industry is primed for a heavy influx of technologies for consumers to better manage their health. Continue reading